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★★★★★ Please, rate this ebook on Kindle Store with five stars. It motivates us to write another fantastic tales. Thank you.

Why was ebook created

The ebook, The Story of the Rainbow Ghost, was based on the fairy tales of childhood, the mother told us for a good night. It seemed to us that it is good to keep these stories and give them away to the world. Thus comes this fantastic story about ghosts who manage all the important processes in nature.

What have others told

"In a world where books have to compete for children's attention with all the interactive innovations of the past couple years, making a children's story interactive and personalized is I believe the way to go. When a child sees the cute story that The Story of the Rainbow Ghost is unfold the way he/she wants it, with him/her as the hero of the book, magic happens, and the world regains again its colors."

— Matúš Lupták, translator of the ebook

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